2 definitions by thepurplbanana

Similar to Attention Whore, this person will do anything to get upvotes, likes etc.
Person 1 :OMG! Like if you think #1 won!
Comment if you think #2 won!
If you ignore this that means you are Hitler!
Person 2: Holy shit. You're a huge karma whore.
by thepurplbanana February 02, 2015
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The act of showing nerds some maths/physics etc. problems to distract them from their current task and get them to focus on the problem instead, generally until they solve it.
I ran into some nerds sitting in a maths class yesterday. It's amazing how you can just outright interrupt what they're doing with a simple nerd-whacking calculus problem.
by thepurplbanana December 17, 2018
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