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Emo is short for emotion. Emo is 1.genre of music and 2. a social group ( such as goth, prep, punk...etc.)
As far as the social group, emo people are usually stereotyped to something like this: cuts, likes photography, poetry, and crying, and is whiny. Most emo people resent being stereotyped, since the whole idea of emo is to rebel from society. Most emo chicks shop at thrift stores, army surplus stores, and also places like hot topic. Emo clothing for girls is as follows: black horn rimmed glasses, died hair with bangs, tight jeans, tight vintage t-shirts or band shirts, wristbands, pins, hoodies with original designs, and of course the ultimate emo acessories: converse and studded belts. although converse are popular, skate shoes like vans are also fine.
Emo music
Emo people usually listen to bands like the following. Emo is all about the music. Bands: Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Finch, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Armor For Sleep, Mest, and other bands like these. These bands have songs filled with emotion (hence the term emo)
Where it started
Most people believe the emo subculture was started in the 80's. For more info, look up emo on google or something.
The studded belt that emo chick is wearing is rad.
by thepsychowiththeknife April 10, 2006

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