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A game where you build things, visit other people's places and fight using weapons and tools that other people make using a scripting language called LUA.
ROBLOX. If you can imagine it you can build it!
by themarioman April 24, 2009

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A person who plays roblox. Does not include noobs as they are refered to as a plain "noob". They usually like {roblox}.
ROBLOXians live a very normal life in roblox.
by themarioman May 15, 2009

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A Widely known clan on ROBLOX that is mostly known for it's leader being frequently banned, and group members hacking. F.E.A.R. is also the largest group in ROBLOX.
Robloxian 1: Hey, did you hear about F.E.A.R.?
Robloxian 2: Yeah, It's the largest clan on ROBLOX.
1: Hard to believe isn't it?
2: Yeah, because of it's leader. He gets banned often.
by themarioman August 06, 2010

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