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The year good music died. However a few rebels tried to write half decent songs which were listened to and enjoyed by many. Unfortunately the last one died early 2009.

Now talentless cows can make it onto the radio with auto tune and lyrics about 'having sex at parties' or 'having sex in taxis' or even 'having sex in your parents bedroom.'

Another way they get on the radio is singing about a thing called 'love.' And after listening to their songs, I'm not sure theirs such a thing anymore. Any person who attempts use his tactic to get on the radio has a range of 2 notes max, and always sounds like they're crying.

And the final reason why good music is dead is what I'd like to call modern day pop....
No. Just no.

God bless 80s and 90s pop music sensations.
Example 3.
Dad: Why are you downloading 80s songs onto your i-pod?
Smart Teenager: Because our modern suuuuuuuuuuucks!

Example. 2
Generic teenager: OMG Did yOU lYk here Ke$has KNeW soyng iTs Lyke dA bEsT!? i rlly lIK dA pARt iN da song WheRe shi taalKs abOut haViNG sEcKs at a partie!
Generic Teenager 2: i know rite?

Example 3.
John: It's funny how people like Christina and Brittany are genuinely talented but are wasting it on songs with awful beats and lyrics
Jess: Well that's the year 2000 for you.
by theflyingcookie December 13, 2010

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