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To Face-Stalk (the act of Face-Stalking) involves a person (the Face-Stalker) obsessing over another person or people on Facebook. The Face-Stalker will spend hours reading wall posts, viewing photos and sifting through numerous status updates to gain as much information as possible about the person whilst never leaving any evidence that they have viewed the page. The Face-Stalker works incognito and will never write a comment on the victim's page or photos, as not to raise suspicion.

see also facebook stalker
"I found that girl from the other night on Facebook, and her page isn't set to private so i Face-Stalked her, she's single, she hates cornflakes, she's going on holiday next month ... etc etc"

"Somehow she knew where i was going to be - i bet she Face-Stalked me, she's not even added as a friend so i don't know how she did it"
by thefacestalker April 26, 2009

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