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A Catholic all-girls school on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington, Holy Names carries more than its fair share of stereotypes, most of them being true.

1. Everyone is a dyke.
This is not true. There are very few lesbians at Holy Names, probably even less than your average high school. At Holy Names parties, however, same-sex hookups run rampant, making attending a solely Holy Names party any O'Dea guy's wet dream.

2. Every girl hardly resembles a female.

This is both true and false. There is nary a girl at Holy Names who looks feminine during the school day. On the weekends, about half the girls clean up extremely well, blowing off steam at a Seattle Prep or Bishop Blanchet party on copious amounts of cocaine, whilst the other half continue to wallow in their anime-plastered greasy-headed ugliness.

3. Holy Names Girls are easy sluts.
This is true. From the bombshell of the class to the drama nerd, the sex lives of Holy Names students are enviable. Should the sex life not be up to standard, many hours of the day will be spent complaining and plotting as to how to remedy the situation. Any guy can get lucky with a Holy Names girl. In addition, the sluttiness of the student body is only aided by the love of alcohol (preferably cheap) by many, and the fascination and experimentation with drugs by a select few.

Holy Names Academy is also known as Homely Dames, Holy Dykes, and Ho Names
-I'm finna hit that Roosevelt party. I heard the Holy Dykes are trynna go also and I need to get some easy ass.

-I need a quick 30 bucks.
-Sell a shit dime to a Holy Names girl, she'll pay up.

-I've always wanted to be friends with someone who enjoys cosplay, never washes their hair, and likes to have kinky sex after doing the homework due three or four weeks from now.
-Try Holy Names Academy."
by thedykemaster December 05, 2010

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