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Word used in the NATO Alphabet(phonetic alphabet) to represent the number 9
by TheRogue February 10, 2013

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To pick a booger out of your nose then throw it at someone.
Kendall: Ashley, did you see what Eric was doing?
Ashley: No, what was he doing?
Kendall: He was mukeplunking Ben!
Ashley: Ohh dear....
by TheRogue December 31, 2011

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A text representation of a capitalized "a" bounded by a heart. A queer anarchist symbol, used by members of "Bash Back!" and other radical queer organisations.
A: hi
B: <A3
A: what is that supposed to mean?
B: Death to the heteronormative fascists! Down with gender-oppressive government institutions!

A: ok...
by theRogue January 01, 2010

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