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noun: specifically, the act of gay sex between two or more males, as practiced and made notorious at the belmont hill school; in general, any instance of staggering homosexuality

adjective: mind-bogglingly gay

also verb: to engage in gay sex or other forms of faggotry, to be remarkably gay
Dude I'm straight, don't start getting all Belmont Hill on me.

You can't wear those clothes in here; this isn't Belmont Hill.

Make sure you get off of their campus as fast as you can after the game, or Bel Hill's football team - and the rest of the school - will try to Belmont Hill you.
by the z mann September 06, 2006
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the absolute nadir of academic institutions, infamous for the arrogance, idiocy, and moral bankruptcy of its students, faculty, and administration and characterized by popped collars, photography of other males not wearing shirts, effeminate nicknames, a dangerously overinflated perception of athletic skill, and myriad other trappings of abject faggotry. Their crude attempts at obscuring these facts not withstanding, no sensible, heterosexual male would ever deign to join this Sodom and Gomorrah of the ISL.
Belmont Hill students, in their boorish and poorly-conceived efforts to besmirch the good name of a certain other, inexorably superior rival institution, claim that 'at least they get laid.' They fail to mention, however, that their sexual exploits involve exclusively other males.
by the z mann September 05, 2006
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