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A gorgeous Russian woman, she's kind, always thinks of other poeple. You will be lucky to meet an olga sometime in your life. She will be the most attractive, nicest and bootylicious person you have ever met, you will never want to let her go. Olga is simply the sex.
Mom: Hey son, do you have a girl freind yet?
Son: No, but i like this girl in school, she's so hot, smart and funny.
Mom: Oh I know the type, the Olga.
Son: Yep, damn.
by The Olya December 14, 2007

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Olya is pet name for olga. It's a Russian name. It is the best name in the world and means hope. Only a beautiful truly worthy woman is worthy of this name. Olya's are very succesful in life. Olya is simply the sex. Olya rules. Olya is unique, lush and bootylicious. Everyone loves an olya, they are simply so hot. Pronounced- O-L-E-E-A.
Guy1: Hey look at that fit girl!
Guy2: Such an Olya.
Girl1: Man, i wish i was that hot.
Girl2: Yeah if i was that hot i'd be bacon.
Guy1: maybe if you all got plastic surgery to look like an olya, i would consider going out with you.
Girl2: Go away.
by The Olya December 12, 2007

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a gorgeous woman who appears to be a very bad looking man dressed as a woman. he appeared on eurovison for ukraine in 2007 and came second. He should have actually won.
e.g 1
man on street: DANZEN.
old woman: hey, did you just see verka serduchka?
e.g 2
girl1: My brother admitted to being a cross dresser yesterday.
girl2: what a total verka serduchka.
by the olya December 12, 2007

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Pluck. The pluck is a form of walking. Very common in pigeons and chickens. Sounds like cluck. Some stupid poeple who want to look stupid may pluck (including me). Pluck can also be used as a substitute for any other doing word.
Person1: Hey check out that pigeon!
Person2: Yeah, man he's doing the pluck!


Boy1: Wow, she's fit.
Boy2: yeah, but you should see her walk, she plucks like a pigeon.


Husband: Bye, sweetheart, I'm goin to the store!
Wife: Okay, but pluck me some bread and extra absorbent tampons!


Hot Guy: So you wanna go out with me?
Hot Girl: Sure!
Hot guy: I'll pluck you at around seven.
Hot girl: sounds good, see ya.


Girl: I really need to pluck a boyfreind.
Girl2: Yeah. Whn i was with my ex al he said was hey you wanna pluck tonight? I was like NO WAY. I'm done plucking with you. Just pluck off yeah.
Girl1: You go girl.
Girl2: yeah i plucked this new boyfreind we drove in his pluck and when we arrived at his house we plucked out of the car and plucked to his house and that's where we plucked for the first time.
Girl1: *sniffles* that sounds so plucking romantic right there.
by The Olya December 14, 2007

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