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a strange phenomenon that occurs in north american jewish males were their hair forms a very curly afro this are less seen in adulthood because it is shaven down so the can wear the hat found on jewish peoples heads.
alright kid don't move its time to shave that jewfro.
by the great lochard January 28, 2010
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converted name of scottish clan called the lockhards who moved to france at some point in time. lochard is prenounced lowshard. the remaining Lochards in america is weakining but it still holds a high amount in France. the kilt color consists of blue and green
man did you see lochard score the final goal. he is so good at hockey
by THE Great Lochard January 27, 2010
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a advertisment posted on urban dictionary through a submitted definition
by the great Lochard January 28, 2010
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when one takes a dump while moving their ass in a circular motion creating asuzy que kalso known as the rattler
i hate those assholes they leftt an 8inch suzy q in the toilet
by The Great Lochard February 03, 2010
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