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When you really have to take a dump, and for whatever reason you're unable to for an undefined period of time. Dropping a Nisch is the phenomena that occurs as you do the cowboy shuffle to the pot, get the jeans down just in time to drop a nisch. The result is generally a shotgun-like blast into the water below, usually with some collateral damage in the form of water splashing back up your asshole.
After eating those 15 sliders from White Castle I barely made it back to the office. I was prarie-doggin' the whole way to the bathroom, had to Drop a Nisch so bad...
by the coolest dude ever April 02, 2008

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When you're banging an old lady up the pooper, preferably in the doggy style position, you grab a handful of her exceptionally long pubic hair and yank hard and down, when she turns around to see exactly what it is you think you're doing, you shoot it on her face. The result is quite humorous.
Last night I was drilling this cougar in the corn hole and she wouldn't let me toss it on her face. Disgruntled, I gave her The Angry Nische, and gave her a Peter North she'll never forget.
by The coolest dude ever March 21, 2008

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Similar to the chili-dog, which we all know is when you poop between a girls boobs, place your weiner inside said boobs and thrust. ergo, you have a chili-dog.

A chili-bowl is when someone has funnel chest, thereby creating a small crater in their rib cage. In this instance, you poop down into their cravace and insert your weiner. Thereby creating the chili-bowl, with a weiner to stir.
This new guy at work, lets call him Bick, has funnel-chest. I'm comin' over after work to try out the 'ol chili bowl
by the coolest dude ever March 24, 2009

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