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One of the most awesome movies ever. Adam Sandler stars as Happy Gilmore, a hockey player who lives with his grandma and has a really bad temper. He has to learn to play golf to get his grandmother's house back.
"Wow, you can count."
"And you can count...on me meeting you in the parking lot."
by The Chort June 11, 2004

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When someone undergoes sexual intercourse without prematurely cumming. This makes them a lot more popular with their girlfriend/wife and overall better in bed.
Bob's girlfriend loved how great he was in bed because he always could go the distance and always came when she did.
by The Chort June 11, 2004

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An awesome book by Strong Bad, in which he takes an actual children's book and crosses out sentences and pictures to make it funny.
Some people have rigged the enemy base with explosives. Albert has.
by The Chort June 11, 2004

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HSR: Coach Z, are you a poser?
CZ: No I'm Down...
HSR: Yeah, Down with second to last place!
And If You're Trying To Fade Me Then You Must Smoke Crack!
by The Chort September 05, 2003

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One who likes da bizzut
kate boyd is fo rilz
by the chort August 03, 2003

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