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1. Sitting alone in your locked room all the time. Usually depressed because the people you live with look at you as if you're a cockroach.

2. The opposite of gregarious.

3. Etymology: "Gregor" the main character from Kafka's The Metamorphosis - story of a young man who wakes up a cockroach, is shunned by his family and retreats into his room alone where he dies.
My gregorious brother hasn't left his room for days and must be getting tired of smelling his own shit.
by the cheese man January 26, 2014

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When a girl is riding on the back of a motorcycle with a guy driving and suddenly she's in a big hurry to get somewhere. So, she reaches around, pulls his penis out and starts stroking it. Although not official, generally the guy will accelerate the motorcycle pro rata with the rate of speed of the hand job.
The passengers on the Amish tour bus were puzzled when a dutch hand job passed them on a moped.
by the cheese man December 25, 2013

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Doing something at your maximum effort. Running so fast that your testicles fall out of your shorts and become exposed.
The pole vaulter went balls out over the bar.
by the cheese man December 18, 2013

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