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a pain that will come to the body and either be emotional, physical or both. Cause-pissin the boy karney off. Four major ways being a hypocrite, making him mad for either a good reason or just being stupid or trying to play mind games even though you know you dont stand a chance and trying to be better than him when you know you aint. Symptoms for boys- pain and bruising will always occur, possibility of broken bones, blood or death and a chance of confusion and low self esteme. Girls-chance of broken bones or bruiseing and low self esteme, hateing your-self and the world, and crying will occur. Best bet dont do anything that may cause massive amounts of being pissed
Dude-hey you jackass
response with a can of karneyidos opened up on that boys ass
(gun is drawn) *bang, thud*
The boy-shut up dick
by the boy get sum June 27, 2010

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