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only team in the history of the NFL to go undefeated (72-73 season) and win the super bowl in 1972 and 1973 led by bob griese and don schula.team of the great dan marino,zack thomas, ricky williams (fag ass),ronnie brown, jason taylor,and sam madison.the team was formed in 1968. the mascot is a dolphin known a t.d.the only team to beat the #1 team,while only winning 1 game,and finishing 4-12 in that season.all i have left to say is GO DOLPHINS!AND FUCK THE PATS AND JETS AND BILLS!
dam man,did u see wess welker return that punt,he ran all the way to the 10!mabey ronnie can score and tie up the game!GO MIAMI!DOLPHINS ROCK HARD!MIAMI DOLPHINS RULE!
by the bitch fucker October 21, 2005
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possibly one of the greatest middle linebackers in the NFL.with the dolphins since collage,and playes on wat used to be the greatest defence in the leage
man 1-yea!zack thomas just sacked chad pennington!
man 2-yea,but he plays better against the pats...
by the bitch fucker October 21, 2005
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1)an easy woman who will let u bang her for a lil cash to give to her pimp.(my advice is for u to use a condom,because hoes carry disease!)also a whore,pimpet,or a bitch.
2)a garden tool used to dig up the earth.
1)that hoe stole my money and slept with my brother,now he has aids,hahaha!
2)i took my hoe to the garden and played with it for a while...lol
by the bitch fucker October 20, 2005
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