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a monsterous shank found between the legs of the animal. so many women love getting a piece of his elephant dong that his own cock has a schedule.
look at mike feed that hot ass bitch his elephant dong. damn she is biting the pillow. its known that his dong is monsterous. oh my god, she orgasmed so many times she left a pond in his bed.
by the animal April 17, 2004
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1. put slut in roasted duck position
2. drop pants and stand over top of slut so that her goods are straight up in the air.
3. thrust verticly up and down much like an oil rig
4. watch out for the ever-ugly oil spill!
hey paul, i was up all night runnin an oil rig on your sister stacy.
by the animal March 01, 2004
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the act of urinating while being given oral sex. it is applicable to either gender.
-that slut was so nasty that i had to give her a thirst quencher!!! (much laughter)
by the animal March 01, 2004
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