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A lazy man who sleeps to often to avoid being messed with. A Freemanbearpig will likely react violently to being messed with in any form. To work off the "Rage" from being messed with, Freemanbearpig will sharpen any number of knifes in his possession.
1: "Dude, i just stole Freemanbearpigs curtains, hes gonna flip shit when he wakes up and finds them gone again."

2: "Freemanbearpig just woke up. He's got his K-Bar out and hes looking for you."
by the Fletch March 20, 2008

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A sexual act where the guy cuts a hole in a warm orange and slides it down to the base of his penis as one would do with a condom. Then, he proceeds to intertwine with his mate, while conveniently releasing pleasant aromas
Pat: Yo she really let you do the Warm Orange on her?
Andy: man it smelled really good
by the fletch March 20, 2018

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