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v. To publicly beat the snot out of a respected athlete, with pizazz. This may also be used for defeating anyone who was considered to be unbeatable, and doing so with an unorthodox style.

n. Kazushi Sakuraba. A Japanese former professional-wrestler turned mixed-martial-artist/cage fighter who is known for his bizarre and funny antics and good technical skill. Able to be punched in the face and then give off a goofy smile. Follows it up by tring to pull your pants down mid-match to spank you. Famous for defeating most members of the legendary Gracie family, who had previously been mostly undefeated, in particular Royce Gracie (who was the original Ultimate Fighting Champion).
(to respected athlete) I'm gonna Sakuraba you in front of your girlfriend, foo'. And then I'm gonna swipe your varsity jacket.
by The Brad April 20, 2004

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Originated from some wise men at kfc.
Used against someone you dont agree with.
Customer: "I ordered 2 large chips, and only got 1"
Kfc: "No worries, heres another one"
Customer: "Thanks"
Kfc:"fucking cunarse"
by The Brad January 17, 2005

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a random word that comes up while working on labs w/ Cr3. A mix between classy/fashion/and because only males w/ the name of bradley say it...ass... yes ass, as in ass face.... you are an ass face just for reading this pointless definition
"Ahh man that's fashy."
"He just got his fashy self raped up the asshole."
by the brad December 03, 2003

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