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1. The act of hanging out in a group of three or more people on a stoop.

2. A group of two or more people going from stoop to stoop for door to door selling, doorknocking, or claiming their territory.

3. The act of pooping stupidly. The combination of the words stupid and pooping.
1. Ryan: Hey Carl. You wanna go stooping after school?
Carl: Sure! We just need one more person for it to be considered stooping. Let's invite Jessica!

2. Jessica: I'd love to go stooping with you, but my job requires me to do the other kind of stooping. I'll be selling candy door to door.

3. Ryan: That's okay Jessica. We'd ask Miles, but he's probably going to be pooping stupidly at that time. He sure is a stooping master!
by thatguy92 February 01, 2010
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