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there's this girl that you know who, takes you for who you are even with all your faults and insecurities, who understands you even when your silent, makes you laugh uncontrollably, pulls your heartstrings and makes the most beautiful music ever everytime she speaks.
katie is just full of wonderful surprises, i love the fact that she can hold it down herself, annd she really doesnt have any big worries in life, one think i do LOVE is, she knows where her life is going. very independent. and very very beautiful. i love her eyes, her smile. the way shes just so charming. she can be sweet, but yet spicy when it comes to it. and most of all, every time i hear her voice especially when it softens up, i just melt like a candle. im glad i met her, and i dont know if she told you how i got her attention, did she put me in so much work, but i'll do it over and over again because being with her is worth every single second. im falling hard for your friend, and for once im not scared to fall.
by thatgeekedup July 25, 2009
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