2 definitions by thatcubanqueenwithcrazycurves

Vibrating dido, A.K.A. 'vibrator'. Called battery operated boyfriend because when you have one you won't want to leave home because you can fuck and stimulate yourself all day long!
My brother's girl left her battery+operated+boyfriend+(BOB) on the porch last night. I found it this morning on my way to work. She needs to keep better track of her bedroom accessories. That was nasty.
by thatcubanqueenwithcrazycurves September 16, 2016
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Your transgender, transsexual, or transvestite uncle or aunt. 'Auntie' + 'Uncle'.
Yo dude, I ain't gay but yo unctie sho is hot!
by thatcubanqueenwithcrazycurves December 16, 2014
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