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i liv in peterborough
and that team iz lyk tha worst in tha whole country!!! and im a gyal n i no dat!!!!!
boy: so u gona go watch tha posh game saturday?
other boy: am i fuck, all they do iz lose
by tha_best February 17, 2005
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word used to describe african-americans of young age. derogatory & offensive. invented by ignorant hypocritcal racists with nothing better to do with their lives than come up with pathetic racial slurs.
Ignorant hypocritical racist: "Rather than sit on my fat ass all day eatin chips, im gonna strain my very small brain and try my best to think up a nasty word to try and hurt them black people. even though i dont know them im gonna judge them and try to hurt them anyway because im a fucking prick. Lets see...baby...animal...pig?...black person....Eureika! Nigglet! I am now a True Dickhead."
by Tha_Best June 28, 2006
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