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One of the many brands of cheap vodka or "rotgut", but Majorska is surprisingly better tasting than the competition. It is 80 proof, but also comes in 100 proof bottles. Almost always bought by the handle (1.75 L) due to it's pricetag of around $10-$14. Known respectively by many for its distinctive triple crown. Mass consumption may cause one to become "jorsked."
Yo, i only got $15 and I need to get 10 people drunk...no prob, get a bottle of 100 proof Majorska...thx man.
by thaStonedGecko June 1, 2007
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company that makes weed candy which is THC infused candy which resembles popular brand foods-such as kief kat, rasta reeses, munchy way, indo joy, buddafinga etc...
u know how much money that company "beyond bomb" must make a year?? Hopefully they dont get busted before i get some kief kats
by thaStonedGecko August 15, 2006
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inconspicuous nickname for marijuana, esp. when used with parents/police present. Can also be used as a verb (See example below)
N.)- Yo lets go get some of that dank ack ack from that kid down the street.
V.)- Im gonna go take a cruise and ack it up if you wanna come.
by thaStonedGecko January 24, 2007
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short for white widow, a very strong strain of marijuana which is often covered in visible white crystals of thc
yo gimme a 20 sack of tha ww
by thaStonedGecko July 26, 2006
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