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to fuck someone...befuck is saying it in a funny way
i think i'll go befriend this new girl, then befuck her...i wont bemoan it afterwards tho cuz she's hot

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somethin ur not supposed to bring somewhere....so u bring it secretly....it can be a stash of weed, porn mags, alchohol....etc....mostly u bring it secretly for the good of the whole group, not only to b used by u...like for parties..but u have to sneak it past some1 like ur parents for example
-hey im bored being stuck here for 2 days...this spiritual retreat sponsored by our school and forcing us to sign up sucks-any1 got a secret stash to keep us busy 2nite?
-yep i got some dope weed and beer, lets party!
-k not too loud tho u'll wake the nuns...remember its past lights out time

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means that green is good....like money...and hemp....hang up a 100 dolla bill temporarily on ur wall and put a sign under it sayin "green is good"...
-i got 1000 bucks dealin drugs 2day
-green is good:)
-yep...actually 2 greens are good in my case...greens r good!!!!!!
-greens r good!!!!

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