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A sex act of outercourse in which a man places his penis between the breast cleveage of a women. The woman raps her breast cleveage arounds his penis and moves her breast up and down until the man cum in pleasure. Warning this sex act can produce a pearl necklace. This sex act is done inplace of intercourse. This sex act can be preformed in the following positions. 1. The woman lays on her back and the man climbs on the woman's chest and places his penis between her breast cleveage and the woman raps her breast cleveage around his penis. 2. The man lays on his back and the woman is on her knees and takes his penis into her breast cleveage and raps her breast cleveage around his penis. Warning cum can hit the woman in the eye in position No. 2
This sex act is also known by the following names Titfuck,Tittyfuck,Titwank,Tittywank,Udderfuck,Jugfuck,Juggfuck.
by terryjonesxp September 19, 2012

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A computer program made by Apple that allows the user to install X86 based operating systems such as Windows and Linux in a dual boot or a triple boot configuration along side Mac OS X on computers with X86 processors made by Apple. That includes the iMac,Mac Pro,Mac Book,Mac Book Pro,Mac Book Air, and the Mac Mini. This setup will allow each operating system to run at full speed and make full use of 3D graphics.
Bootcamp is the best program to setup a dual boot or a triple boot on Apple's hardware An example includes the following. Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 7, and Ubuntu Linux.
by terryjonesxp August 15, 2012

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