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Jackson Wang Ka-Yee, usually known as Jackson, was born on March 28, 1994, in Hong Kong. He attended the American International School Hong Kong and was a member of the Hong Kong National Fencing team. Jackson started to fence at age 10 and was trained my his father, who was a former coach for the Hong Kong fencing team.

In 2011, Jackson won first place at the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship.He was also featured as a rapper for Sunmi's mini album "Full Moon" in the song "Frozen In Time (멈춰버린 시간)". While playing basketball, Jackson was scouted by the JYP casting team and won first place among 2000 other candidates during the JYP Global Auditions. He is currently in charge of rap and martial arts tricking in Got7.

Personality: Jackson seems like a chic guy, but he's actually not.
Since he talks a lot, it's pretty easy to get close to him. If he sees someone who's down, he makes them go up! (as in cheering them up)
His laugh is...pretty unique. Jackson overall is a bubbly, energetic person.

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Height: 174 cm
Ideal Type: Healthy and charming woman

Instagram: @jacksonwangjy
Jackson Wang is ruining our bias lists.

Literally Jackson is the funniest thing ever I swear.

Here are some quotes from him.

"I'm not saying that I'm hot but, a fan asked me 'What did you do to become so hot?'. So I was like, 'Rice.'"

"I...have no idea what I just learned."

"Can guys be with like, guys?"

An actual conversation with JB (as in Jaebum)

Jaebum: You know that I love you, right?

Jackson: I don't know~ -rolls eyes-
by teamins July 12, 2014
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Byun Baek-hyun (Korean: 변백현; Hanja: 邊伯賢), better known as simply Baekhyun, is the lead vocalist of Exo-K. He was born on May 6, 1992 in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Baekhyun was studying for his college musical entrance exams when he joined the label.

Baekhyun was one of the last members to join EXO and was revealed as the group's ninth member on January 30, 2012.

Baekhyun is also known as a little shit or a hot mess, being sassy and cute yet also sexy and a teased. He has an extremely complicated relationship with his fellow member, D.O (a.k.a Kyungsoo) Many fans ship him with the main rapper Chanyeol. Their so called ship is called Baekyeol.

Baekhyun plans to kill us all with his hair and sass.
An example of Baekhyun's relationship with Kyungsoo:

Example 1:

Kyungsoo: *coughs*

Baekhyun: *sarcastically imitates him for 3 days and 12 hours.

Example 2:


Kyungsoo: Wow, can you like shut up?

Example 3:

Baekhyun: *lays on floor*

Kyungsoo: Why is there trash on the floor?
by teamins June 18, 2014
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