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An impressive combination of sass, smarts and sparkle. Sometimes referred to as "sex on legs", Amity could easily be the star of all those girl-in-a-lab coat fantasies. Not just a pretty face though, she is always quick to make you laugh and full of interesting things to say. She boasts amazing taste in all the good things in life (music, food and friends) and a smile that lights up her whole face and yours too.

You could say that Amity is the whole package.

In fact i will.
Girl: Did you see that hot blonde girl on the dancefloor. But she must be a ditz...

Boy: Newsflash, that's a wig!...She's got a hot brunette crop under that...and she's not just a hot girl, she's smart and funny too. That's Amity!

(mad racket, new years 2008/2009)
by talk it up February 06, 2010

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A fembot from the future, most recent appearance in Sydney, Australia circa 1975-1980.

Radhika Wednesday's make up of part woman, part machine allows her to dance and spread love like no other. All the best parts of the past and future 5 decades were amalgamated to create a being unsurpassed in retro style and futuristic substance.

Should one encounter Radhika Wednesday it is best to offer a beverage, followed by an invitation to dance. Radhika Wednesday's chief objective is to bring happiness to all she interacts with; it is in her programming to strive to leave all creatures in a happier state than that in which she found them.

Music of poor taste adversely affects her programming, as does an excess of beverages. Should you find her in a nonsensical state, simply play a really excellent track and steer her back towards the dance floor.
Man: Wow, did you see that girl?

Woman: That's no girl, that's Radhika Wednesday, the Fembot From The Future!
by talk it up February 04, 2010

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