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Means to take over large land masses and even planets and all species including mankind. Watch out some day turtles WILL do this to our planet in which we call... Earth... pretty soon... we shall call it.. turtletopia in which everything will be so swag because we got those turtles running everything and everywhere. TURTLES LOVE DOMINATION.
by swaggie turtle May 24, 2013

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They are best most awesomest animals know to mankind. They are all cool and slow and like SWAG "yo whatupp im a turtle" Only some people know about their plan to dominate the world and make many explosions in the middle of the ocean... watch out for that supper awesome world dominating turtle!
Dude dat turtle so SWAG!

Wait does it have a bomb?!
(you're dead)
by swaggie turtle May 24, 2013

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To use large vocabulary and intellectual knowledge and phrases. For one to be sophisticated one must always refer to one as one individual who is capable of comprehending and translating different intellectual knowledge and terminology. The most important thing into being a sophisticated human of mankind is to always perform the act of wise hand gestures. This will show the people "I know what I'm talking about". Also, wear neutral and sometimes rather boring colors to come across to people that you are on of sophisticated intelligence and not to be messed with... by turtles.
*Hand gestured begin* thy turtles are thus sophisticated mortals in thy spherical orbiting planetary object in which we inhabit in the name "earth".
by swaggie turtle May 24, 2013

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