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This is when you achieve something to the best of your ability. It is often used in African American communities to describe cooking something especially well
"Damn laquita you put your foot in those ribs. I might have to slap you bitch!"
by sussmeout December 07, 2008

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This is an example of the classic muff shot with a twist.
When a girl bends over to produce said moon, she leans a little further than needed and gives a little pussy shot with hair.
This is affectionately referred to as the vageena lamoona
"When Cargly got out of the shower she bent over to pick up her towel and gave me and Krint the best vageena lamoona ever!"
" I couldn't take my eyes off that shit!"
by sussmeout December 07, 2008

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this is a person who is such an ass kisser that you cannot stand to be near them.
usually refers to a person you work with.
this person would be happy to clean the bosses hole with their tongue.
taken from the porn term "fluffer", which refers to a person who keeps the dicks hard on a porn set.
also taken from nutter butters, because it rhymes
"I can't take it anymore she is such a nutter fluffer, I vomite in my mouth everytime I see her"
by sussmeout December 21, 2008

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