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Moudy is a nickname for Mohamad. He can make u fall in love with him in 1 hour.Moudy is caring, smart, and loving.Just by him saying "I love u" he makes u forget the world. He can change ur whole life. He motivates u to be the best and fix ur flaws. Moudy has some flaws also hes not perfect but his flaws are small beside his actions & personality. Hes very hardworking and even when he has stress and lots to think about, he still makes time for those that he loves. He can make u angry but u still love him because it's impossible not to. When Moudy is angry avoid him because its intense when he is angry.don't say anything hurtful to him, because mean words hurt him. Eventually he calms down he never stays angry for too long. When u love Moudy so dearly, it breaks ur heart when he is angry and stressed because his pain is ur pain. Moudy can allow u to stare in his eyes for hours without saying a word. his eyes speak the words from his heart. His eyes sparkle with love, when he touches ur hand sparks fly. Just him being close to u gets u excited.Moudy is a flirt and can make all the pretty girls laugh but even with all the girls around Moudy, he has only one girl in his heart. He's someone that would make u proud to say he's ur husband, the father of ur kids, ur other half. Moudy is a ROLE MODEL. you want to be as smart and as amazing as he is. He may think he is not good enough for u, but if he ever does say that than he should know that he's wrong. Moudy is close to perfect.
1) Girl 1: "I will love him forever and always"

Girl 2: "Who?"

Girl 1: "Moudy, the only man I can ever love this much"

2) Girl 1: "It's impossible to find the man of your dreams these days! I wish I can find at least one good man, don't you?"

Girl 2: "No, because I already found the man of my dreams. His name is Moudy."
by susmoudy2012 December 05, 2013
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Moudy is an inspiration. He is someone that makes u want to keep going even when u feel like giving up. No one is better than him in overcoming challenges. He faces so many challenges in his life, but he overcomes all of them, and this is what makes him a man. Moudy may not know it, but he can change a person's life, and how they see things. If your feeling down and feeling like things just aren't going to work for u, remembering Moudy's words and actions are what motivate u to go above and beyond. Moudy has this way of simplifying complicated things to u in his soft tender voice. Moudy may not think that he has made the biggest impact on someone's life in the best way possible, but he needs to know that he has. Also, he has by far the best personality. Moudy is very understanding, forgiving, and trustworthy. He never rejects helping u. If u ever need help with anything, he will always be there for you. He does impossible things for u if he loves u. He would drive down from a far away location just to hug u and tell you goodbye because he knows it would upset u if he didnt. Moudy would struggle to surprise you in things he knows would make you smile nonstop. The things Moudy has ever done for u cant ever be forgotten. Even with all the gloomy times you both may experience together, its still almost possible to not love or miss or want him. Moudy is worth fighting the world to have him in ur life. All in all, Moudy is someone u want to be similar to in all the amazing aspects.
1)Girl 1: Omg that's awesome! You got all A's this semester! What motivated you so much?
Girl 2: All I had to do was remember the time Moudy and I were in room 203 and I promised him that I would get all A's.

2) Girl: Moudy, I can't believe you would go through all this trouble just to surprise me on our 6 month anniversary!
Guy: I love you, and you earned it. I'm very proud of you
by susmoudy2012 December 10, 2013
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