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Epicness. Win, something good. Other name for playboy succes. Almost all girls love the Sid, however, because a Sid is someone in great power they might be afraid to say hi. But a Sid loves Girls and will always be willing to have a nice time with them. Sid is also a male name, shortened from Sidney, which is a unisex name.


1. A Sid is someone that is very intelligent.

2. A Sid sit in a great position of power.

3. Sid loves girls, and are often not afraid to say hello or flirt.

4. A Sid might not be strong (Just average, or less - more) but he is perfect with computers. Might not play games all day.

5. He easily makes the girl he wants fall in love with him. Easily.

6. People obey him and he's very popular. He doesn't need to wear cool clothes because we all know he is the best anyways.

7. He is perfect in bed.

8. Not homosexual.

9. A Sid often does ironic jokes about himself, not to be confused he is just joking.

10. Sid loves girls asses... So if you, ladies, are trying to flirt with a Sid, please style with your ass for him.

11. Sid loves hugs and kisses. From females, of course.
Sid is soo nice he has all the girls and he is in great power... one day i might become one.
by sushilover:3 February 21, 2012

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