5 definitions by supertad

a northerners way of saying hello
ey up cock, fancy a pint?
by supertad June 2, 2005
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breasts, translated from tagalo
wow! look at the size of her su su's! wouldnt mind nibbling them!
by supertad June 2, 2005
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a fight, or to grass on someone
theres a rumble in the street, or he nicked them fags, im gonna rumble that fucker
by supertad June 2, 2005
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to be completley pissed out of your tree
"i cant believe i shagged that fat trout last night, i was fucking steamboated"
by supertad June 2, 2005
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a great place in LANCASHIRE not manchester, sadly has been invaded by paki's but still full of good people. a great place to go out and get hammered. gets bad publicity as being a shit hole, which in many parts it is, but not all. home to the only team called "latics" in england albeit they are shit, 5,500 people love them!
person 1:wheres manchester?
person 2:its that small town just outside oldham
by supertad June 12, 2005
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