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A unique slang term used for semen, cum or large amounts of sperm, warm sexual fluids or ejaculate. Normally gag fluid is swallowed happily by those who love its warm, thick, gooey consistency, saltwater smell and sharp taste.

A large amount of male ejaculate man soup or baby gravy shot down the throat and consumed by someone who can handle its surprising taste and quality. People who love to swallow gag fluid have strong stomachs and good gag reflexes.

Gag fluid can either have a sweet, cake-like (cake batter) taste or a salty, bitter taste depending on the person's diet, health and the recipient's unique tongue and taste buds.
1. Cool Guy #1: "Look, I had no idea that Summer was such a spoogehog. She was cool at first but then she started acting like an ungrateful, childish little slut!"

Cool Guy #2: "Why did she start acting like such a bitch towards you man when you did so much for her?"

Cool Guy #1: "I have no idea, but one thing I do know for certain is that she deserves to get filled up with bucket loads of warm gag fluid!"

Cool Guy #2: "Yeah man I know...what goes around, 'cums' around!"

2. "That amazingly sexy girl that I just met, always begs for my baby batter because she told me that gag fluid makes her so, so happy. She's such a Cum Angel!"

3. Lady killer's friend: "Hey man, did that new hot girl give you a blowjob last night?

Lady killer: "OMG dude you wouldn't believe it! She generously swallowed my entire load of gag fluid, wiped her face, licked her lips, hands and fingers clean, smiled at me with excitement, then she told me that my cum tastes like cake mix. WTF!!"

4. Friend A: "Did you know that eating a lot of sweet-tasting things like celery, cinnamon, parsley and drinking natural fruit juices like pineapple, blueberry and strawberry-kiwi juice will make your semen taste sweeter and more delicious for your partner?

Friend B: "Really?"

Friend A: "Yep, I didn't believe it either, but my new girlfriend told me that it must work for real because now my gag fluid tastes better than ever!"
by summers_over September 26, 2011
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1. Any clear, watery liquid or fluid that has a very sticky, gooey, slimy or oily texture.

2. Something slick, wet and slippery similar to honey, syrup or a lubricant.

3. Bodily fluids such as semen and vaginal secretions.

See gag fluid.
1. "My new girlfriend is so tight and wet! Her warm, moist love hole always drips with honey and we both soak the sheets with gag water."

2. "Her lubed-up honey pot really got me excited and kept me up all night long. I was completely covered with gag water!"
by summers_over October 30, 2011
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