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This is a school where lots of emphasis is placed on acedemics and sports. However, the arts program gets so little attention is so poorly valued by the school board that it is most definatley not the place to go if you are lookking for a good arts program. I go to university school, and it's suffice to say that people who don't work hard and don't care about acedemics need not apply. As for the people, most of the teachers are very smart but very pretentious, as are the majority of the students. While most are wealthy and like to show it, a good portion of the student body has atleast a partial scholarship. Probably the biggest reason to go to USM is if you want to get into the school of your choice, as the college guidance program at USM is far above average. Also, perhaps the bigest reason most males come to USM, the hockey team is very good and there is an ice arena on campus. USM does have an excelent and challenging carriculum, but it is true that it is very pretentious and far more devoted to the hockey team and new science wing than to most female sports and to the fine arts program.
University school of milwaukee has great acedemics and options with a less enthusiastic approach to arts and equality.
by studentatusm March 15, 2007

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