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Definition of a great guy. Makes us laugh. Looks out for people. Mediator, Mentor, Gamer, boyscout, singer, can beatbox like a master, snuggler, lover, and hates anyone that hurts his family or friends. But, is willing to help them threw the hardest of situations, to a better side of friendship. An all around great person that I am lucky to have loved in my life.

He's not gay or stupid--Ignore all jelous A-hole def's of an Eric. We all need some luv
Liz: Hey Eric! can we through the football?
Eric: give me a tick the grill is heating up!
Ty: Eric, you comming?
Eric(laughs): Hold on bud, I'm comming
Me: Love you Farley
Eric: Ok, lets go, throw it!
by strugglthreww/Asmile October 25, 2009

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