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When your boss runs his mouth so you smackem in the balls take ur dick out and smack him in the face at high speed
Penis stamp-To smack your dick on someone
by stretch nutzz May 24, 2016

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Faggot patch

When you are at work or at the store and your gaydar goes in the red zone and it feels like your surrounded by a faggot patch of homos.
Holy fuck did I just land In the middle of a fuckin faggot patch !? My gaydars pinned out and I have to put a board on my ass from the gayness.
by stretch nutzz January 07, 2017

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New castle cunt

When you are from new castle pa you become a new castle cunt or a drug addict or a cunt drug addict
New castle cunt.

My mother in law is such a cunt!

Is she from new castle?

Yep she's a castle cunt !
by stretch nutzz December 21, 2016

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When you spend all day at work fappin or fappin the boss under the desk
Career fapper - to be a carrer fapper you play with your dick all day at work or the bosses dick
by stretch nutzz May 24, 2016

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