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geography lesson for all you fucktards:
America is a country.It is short for the United States of America
North America is a continent.
South America is a continent.
Antarctica is a continent.
Africa is a continent.
Europe is a continent.
Asia is a continent.
Australia is both a continent and a nation.
If someone says "hey let's go to America" , they mean the USA!
If they don't mean the USA then it's too vague.Do they mean North America , or South America?
North and South are part of the name of these continents in order to distinguish one from the other just like how America (the USA) and Canada have two different names so as to distinguish two different countries from eachother with two different names.
Lay off the crack you fucktards.
Someone from the country America is an American.
Someone from the continent of North America is North American.Someone from the continent of South America is South American.
by stoned out of my gourd October 21, 2005
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