3 definitions by stompiee

1. He thinks your name is "Wondermike"
2. Is the captain of the gravy train
3. Keeps his best foot flowered
4. Anything beats breaking up with him
5. Is just a friendly reminder
6. Thinks he won the powerball
7. Calls Toons "Poo-oooons!"
8. Pronounces Games as "James"
9. Wants Kelsey Grammer to do the Characters
10. Thanks you for pointing to the downloads
11. Aproves that the store is a legitimate business
12. Voted Carmel Corn for president
13. Rocks the Opera
14. Is the human weggie
15. Is a trendy tote bag
16. Thinks a "g" is a healthy piece of real-estate
17. His favorite song is "Stave it off 1-2-3"
18. Boogies down in the replacement world
19. Is forever Strong Bad's girl
20. Announces when it's time for tasteball
21. Directed the play "Butts Twelve by Pies"
22. You gotta get yours, he's gotta get his
23. Was just in time for the murder mystery
24. Thinks Strong Bad's name is "Reggie"
25. Thinks Strong Sad is a Rinocerus
26. Was raised by a cup of coffee
27. 'Twas the pride of the peaches
28. Is a song from the 60s
29. Only cries on the inside
30. Is saving the best for last
31. Is hated by Strong Bad
32. Was hit with the "heavy lourde"
33. Collects alms for the Pudgy each Decemberween
34. Thinks you're a real state-trooper
35. He blew it man, and lost his touch
36. He does what he's told
37. Is open for interpretation
38. Is the ghost of Christmas past
39. Will gladly pay you today for some candy today
40. Is the original ladies man
41. His favorite halloween treat is a wrench
42. He'll eat a treat if you make sure it's sweet
43. He thinks Bubs' name is "Tubs"
44. Strong Sad shanked his Jenga Jam
45. Is a million ladies tall
46. Marzipan gave him flowers in the hospital
47. He tried to scare Marzipan with wailing
48. Hosted the I'm Creepin'&I'm Creepin'&I'm Creepin Party
49. Thinks happy T is the thrill of a lifetime
50. Wants to know when we can start the Jeffersons
Strong Sad: Me and Homsar were playing Connect 4 and...

Homsar: Wahahahaha hey Tubs! I just lost my Jenga Jam!

Bubs: (after 3.5 second pause) Don'tchu talk ta me!
by stompiee April 3, 2006
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Massachusets for short.
Yo man, I no'nt be's from UCONN we from chew town dawgg!
by stompiee April 3, 2009
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Jameis Winston for 'Strong'. Used while rallying teammates.

(See Also: 'We Flo' State!)
"I looked at em and I said 'Are you skrong?' dey said 'I skrong if you skrong' so I said 'I guess we skrong then!'"
by stompiee October 11, 2016
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