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Poopy Software Development Methodology

A software development methodology designed for contractors to maximize inefficiency to increase client costs and maximize profit.

The key tenets of PSDM are:
* Coding is done using wizards. Developers use only a sledgehammer and a mouse.
* Testing is performed by monkeys banging on keyboards.
* The build process involves manually translating java source to byte code using Pico.
* Merging is a fun game called 'pin the branch on the trunk'. The team lead is blindfolded and spun around three times, then pushed towards his computer.
* Problems are your fault

"What percent done are you?"

"Did you check in those changes yet?"

by stereosteve September 24, 2008
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Spanish for "Always Green". Refers to the gTalk property by which a person is always online and always active status, either because said person uses a blackberry, or an IM client that doesn't change their status.

When working from home, siempre verde can be used to trick your boss into thinking your sitting at your computer, when in fact you are drinking.
"Mike, it's noon shouldn't you be at work instead of at this liquor store?"
"I AM at work... siempre verde baby
by stereosteve September 24, 2008
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