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the most sensitive part of a womans pussy
mike: i shagged my gf last night n i think i hit her clitorus hard
by stephanie joanne September 29, 2006
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being very unattractive and not very easy on the eyes. ALOlso known as fugly or bfugly
shauna:omfg look at that ugly chav kid over there
stephanie: haha unlucky!!
by stephanie joanne October 02, 2006
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To harm yourself when depressed or emo generaly across or up the arm/wrist but sometimes hearts n stars are cut into ones arm as a sign of love for their other half
emo mike:i love you so much i cut a neurotic star in my arm.
emo deb: omfg, its true love
chav:self harm, must be emo
by stephanie joanne September 30, 2006
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