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Complete and total shitshow of the evening. The guy who is unable to make it to the party due to extreme intoxication thus resulting in vomiting on girls multiple times.
Guy One: "Hey man, did Nick make it to the party last night?"

Guy Two: "No brah, he was The Mascio and ended up puking all over that one girl and her friend."
by steezin' crew April 22, 2011

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A combination of an exorcism and an abortion. Commonly performed by cults in the deep south, this procedure involves removing an unborn demon fetus from the womb of it's mother, thus ending her pregnancy (abortion) and removing the demon from within (exorcism). This act is highly controversial to the church, since it combines both an act they approve of (exorcism) and one they oppose (abortion).
-Hey Logan, did you hear about the aborticism the local cult performed last night on Mel?
-Yeah man, that there demon in her womb is definitely gone.
by steezin' crew April 23, 2011

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