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One who goes around Germany killing and tormenting German Nazis'. Most preferable during the Second World War. The typical way to kill Nazis is by bare hands, guns, knives, boot heels, piano wire, or just about anything you can imagine killing a Nazi with.

Rules and tips of an Inglorious Basterd:

1) If the Nazi is left alive and is allowed to escape, a swastika symbol must always be carved directly in the center of his forehead.

2) If a Nazi is dead, his scalp must be removed by knife.

3) Collecting 100 Nazi scalps proves a skilled and accomplished Inglorious Basterd.

4) Shooting a Nazi's testicles off or bashing his brains in with a baseball bat is an epic victory.

5) There is never any prisoner business, there is only killing Nazi business. Business must always be booming.
Famous Inglorious Basterds:
Lt. Aldo Raine (aka, Aldo the Apache)
Sgt. Donny Donowitz (aka, The Bear Jew)
Sgt. Hugo StiGlitz
Indiana Jones (Not an original 'Basterd')
by stebo11 January 29, 2010
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