1. n. Eli Roth's character in Inglorious Basterds

2. v. to beat someone up with a baseball bat
Person #1:Did you see Quentin Tarantino's new film?

Person #2: Yeah! The Bear Jew is awesome.


Person #1: What happened to Sam's face?

Person #2: Joe Bear Jew'ed the shit out of him.
by T.Jew September 16, 2010
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A Jew who beats Nazi asses to death with a baseball bat. Wears a wife beater and slacks.
1. Oh mine god!
2. What? What is it!?
3. It's ze Bear Jew!
by PersonalDedicationtoHer April 06, 2010
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1) A person whom resides in the Kalahari Desert of Northern Africa who subsides by feasting upon the descendants of Abraham, also known as the Jews. He then will collect their change purses and fashion ceremonial necklaces out of them. He then proceeds to sell the necklaces to white christian children in Ghana.
What happened to Isaac?

He was mauled by a African Jew Bear while on that safari he had been talking about...

Not another!
by dyb24 January 07, 2011
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