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Mamaroneck is the quaint little area that is surrounded by rye, harrison, white plains, scarsdale, larchmont, and the long island sound. One can find anything from 10+ million dollar homes, to ten thousand illegal central americans. Aside from that you can find all types of little shops and condo/co-op living areas, as well as huge nation-wide chains e.g. McDonald's, Blockbuster, Lupita's Grocery Store, etc... They have great grammer schools, although, not many of the adolecent youth seam to reflect this, and an even greater high school. There is a local government who hold elections every year, still, it's a well known fact that you have to be of the lanza blood-line to even run for an office.. non the less, the town has been run, commercially and socially, by a ghost-office holder, Solo, for many years now and who has moved away from the area recently. He still calls the shots and is proud of what he has made of the cute little area by the water known as mamaroneck. Like Keyser Söze he's rarely seen in the area, but if u do catch a glips, call elaine and tell her
"even in the garbage, u can find some spare change... think of mamaroneck as the change.. err-one else is the garbage"
by staysippin September 19, 2007
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