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verb. To go dating in the Hokkien chinese dialect.
Yesterday go paktor with your ex again? BOJIO?!
by statquo112 October 26, 2013

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Means "eat shit" in Cantonese.
A: Hows your exam today brader
B: Sek xi already
by statquo112 January 16, 2014

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Means "asshole" in cantonese
Diu lei ga tsan - Fuck you asshole
by statquo112 January 16, 2014

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A way to embrace the high of Allah by raving to prayers blasted everyday at your nearest mosque.

1. To rave properly in the public, one should always kneel down and do the head spin when the raving is in it's climax.
2. Raving can be joined by anyone, including chinese, caucasian, african, as long as you can rave properly.
3. One should rave at least 1 time a day, if possible, rave the whole 5 times for the best result.
Hey dude, yesterday was a blast as I was raving to Allah because my area has 10 mosque surrounded.
by statquo112 December 24, 2010

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