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Acronym for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, which has the purpose of "motivating young people to become better citizens". It is arguably one of the best programs offered in high school. It is taught by retired army instructors (both enlisted and commissioned). Students who are enrolled in the program are called cadets. The typical weekly schedule for a JROTC program is: Drill and ceremony once a week, physical training once a week, uniform inspection once a week, and academics twice a week. Aside from the minimum standard of attending class, there are also optional teams available for the more involved and dedicated cadets to be a part of which include drill team, raider team, rifle team, color guard, honor guard, etc. JROTC units also attend annual camping trips in the fall, spring, and summer. The class is harder to fail then it is to pass with an A since the book work is relatively easy and limited.
JROTC is horribly portrayed as a war machine used to brain wash high school students by anti-war protesters, claiming that it promotes violence, sexism, racism, etc. they also make false claims that the majority of JROTC cadets enlist in the armed forces upon graduation from high school when, in fact, the lot of them go on to further education and become leaders in the civilian and/or military field.
In my opinion, the only downside to the program is the fact that ANYONE can join it, therefore allowing fuck offs who are only in it to get an "easy A" to make the program look retarded.
Cadet 1: wow, i love JROTC. i dont know what id do without it

Cadet 2: Im just in it to get an easy A

Cadet 1: Go fuck yourself...
by statechamp0809 June 13, 2008
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