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widely used norcal/bay area phrase used to describe an extended period of time. Could be anywhere from a few minutes to a few years.

Used much in the same context that others not from norcal use the word forever (eg) "We've been living here forever"
norcal person 1: It took you hella days to get over here.
norcal person 2: Yeah dude, I know. The traffic in the bay area blows.

norcal person 1: I haven't seen you in hella days! (usually 3 or more days... but it could even be years)
norcal person 2: hella
by starrystareyes June 23, 2010
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Urban slang for significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, someone you have a crush on, or one you admire.
Joe called his poopy woop up and they went down to the roller rink on Friday night.

Often used in a joking manner to insinuate someone's "poopy woop" is someone unattractive.
by starrystareyes July 12, 2009
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