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Rutilated / rutilate, to get shafted, fucked, To be had, taken advantage of, duped, describes violent animalistic sex, usually used as an irreverent description of male-male sodomy.
Its always important to understand ones cell phone contract, other wise your cell phone provider will rutilate you to the morgue with hidden fees, poor service and unreasonable contracts.

I rulitated a hooker in the ass on sunday, she will probably have to sit on one of those rubber donuts for the next week. LOL! *high five*
by starinsideahumansuit October 02, 2010
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To stamp down onto an opponents face, usually to end a physical altercation.
Last night was not a good night, I was at the hospital and got mouthy with some of the staff, next thing I know I am in the alley getting bug smashed by gang of shriners.
by starinsideahumansuit October 02, 2010
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the numerical category of sexual partners one has had, which usually coincides with the peace of mind one feels in fucking someone of a similar level of sluttiness.
Complimentary to the monetary system, If one finds ones self in a sexual relationship with a partner in a significantly lower 'sex bracket', one may be taxed emotionally by guilt and resentment. This will not usually be enough to end said relationship it will ultimately result in a slow degradation of its quality and usually drag out into a year of misery.
by starinsideahumansuit October 04, 2010
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