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A dwarf like creature typically found in Venezuela. They have a tendency to troll about malls. They are racist towards blacks and Dominicans. Most Diomadis' are much too loud for typical outings and should be kept in cages or indoors. They are most attracted to what many might call an "Alpha". Expect them to cut you off in conversation. They will drink alcohol till pregnancy unless you have it fixed. This can prevent more of them from popping up in your back yard or in your child support payments.
Guy one: "That chick is a Diomadis, see how she just attached to that Ryne."
Guy two: At least he is an alpha, I mean see how he doesn't do shots but pulls handles.
by ssjassassin March 30, 2011
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This is a way to drink your alcohol right from the 1.5 liter bottle. If you pull a handle your no longer a man but an alpha. Shots are for an infant in comparison. If you breath while consuming the alcohol you're reverted back to man status. Many who try die those who live, are legends.
Man: Whoa! how did you down that whole bottle of vodka?
Alpha: Lets just say your a man... and I have evolved into something greater. I call it Pull Handle.
by ssjassassin March 30, 2011
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