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A woman of Asian descent usually:

1) Stereotyped to be a nymphomaniac by the general populace

2) Seen with a white man as opposed to an Asian man - it is the most common interracial relationship

3) Shorter in stature than the average white or black woman especially in America

4) Possessing yellowish to light brown skin that many pale white women or dark black girls envy

5) Possessing impeccably straight hair that once again is envied by both white and black women

6) Stereotyped as hard-working, soft spoken and loyal - true only to a certain extent
Cindy is such a hot Asian girl; just look at her luscious light brown skin and straight black hair!

Mai is your typical Asian girl; she's petite, takes up medicine and is dating a white guy
by ss69 November 02, 2007

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An individual typically from Eastern or Southeast Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand etc.) and demonstrates some or most of the ff. traits:

1) Short in stature
2) Gets superb grades
3) Prioritizes school amongst everything else
4) Has strict, somewhat racist parents
5) Fond of bubble tea, Anime/hentai, videogames, martial arts, noodles, dim sum and drifting
6) Very frugal (I repeat, VERY FRUGAL)
7) Tend to have low self-confidence resulting in either shyness or inferiority complex (which results to overachieving)
8) Idolize white people of the opposite sex but look down on black people
Mei is your typical Asian. She is petite, very thrifty, gets straight As, loves bubble tea and is dating a white guy.
by ss69 August 14, 2007

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